Monday, June 4 | 9:00 – 10:30am

Dr. Paul Spiegel, Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health

Photo - SpiegelPrior to his appointment as Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health, Dr. Spiegel was the Deputy Director of the Division of Programme Support and Management at the UNHCR in Geneva. He was Chief of the Public Health and HIV Section (2002-2012) and the Refugee Agency’s Global HIV Coordinator for UNAIDS (2004-2016). Before UNHCR, he worked as a Medical Epidemiologist in the International Emergency and Refugee Health Branch at the CDC. Dr. Spiegel has responded to crises and undertaken field work and research in humanitarian emergencies in numerous countries on all continents. He has published and lectured extensively in the field of humanitarian emergencies. His research interests are in epidemiological methods, health information systems and HIV.