Look for information about applications for the below sessions coming soon!

Concurrent Session  (90-minute session)

Concurrent sessions offer an opportunity to bring in several different perspectives, critically examine new research findings, strategies, etc. and their implications for programming, engage membership in critical discussion on emerging issues or opportunities, and more. Sessions will be evaluated by a Technical Review Committee, as well as Working Group Co-Chairs.

New Information Circuit Tables (25-minute presentation)

We are looking for NEW tools, innovation, innovations, projects, and topics to be shared with Conference participants during the New Info Circuit Plenary. Each table should help reflect the conference theme and contribute to the advancement of global community health.

Ninety-Second Science (90-second presentation with Q&A)

Ninety-Second Science is a fast-paced, fun session that allows for best practice research to be disseminated while building practitioner-academic partnerships.  Each presenter will have 90 seconds to present on a specific research initiative and related findings that are relevant to the field of global community health and can be integrated into implementation approaches.

Poster Presentation (90-minute session with various presentations)

CORE Group will accept various posters with an academic or professional focus, program results, research information, peer-reviewed work, etc. to be presented to all attendees at the Poster session. The poster presenter will stay for the entirety of the session and present to various groups of participants.

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