Pre-Conference Workshop (at least 3 hours)

Pre-Conference Workshops are long-form, skill-building, highly engaging, participatory sessions meant to build upon and enhance participants’ skills and knowledge. Typically, workshops have a targeted focus to go in-depth into a skill, issue, resource, tool, etc.

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Concurrent Sessions (90-Minute Session)

Concurrent sessions offer an opportunity to bring in diverse professionals, experiences, and perspectives; critically examine new research, evidence, strategies, and practices; and engage with peers on emerging issues or opportunities. Organizing a 90-minute concurrent session is a rewarding experience, with support of CORE Group Staff. A Technical Review Committee, supported by Working Group leadership, will review and approve session proposals. Approved submissions will ensure a diversity of topics and panelists that will collectively enhance participants’ conference experience.

Catalyst Sessions

These concurrent sessions are particularly provocative, innovative, forward looking, test an idea, catalyze and call for action. The presenters can be one or two, in a TED-talk manner or any other innovative method of presentation. Catalyst Sessions are not appropriate for reporting past project or lessons learned.

Review GHPC19 concurrent sessions here.

New Information Circuit Tables (25-Minute Presentation)

New Information Circuits (NICs) are shorter-form presentations, part of a plenary session that features approximately 12 tables hosted by different organizations and projects. Participants will rotate three times – 25 minutes each time – to different tables during the session. NIC presentations share NEW tools, innovations, projects, and topics that contribute to the advancement of global community health and reflect this year’s theme, “Partnerships and Innovations for Community Health.”

Poster Presentation (90-Minute Session with Various Presentations)

CORE Group will accept various posters with an academic or professional focus, program results, research information, peer-reviewed work, etc. to be presented to all attendees at the Poster session. The poster presenter will stay for the entirety of the session and present to various groups of participants.

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