#GHPCKenya Theme & Objectives

The Global Health Practitioner Conference in Nairobi, Kenya is CORE Group’s first regional conference on community health.

The conference aims to:

LEVERAGE community voices and experiences of frontline health workers, community health workers, community nurses, and other service delivery providers to help identify the kinds and levels of services needed.

LINK individuals, organizations, governments, United Nations, donors, private sector, and many other key players both inside and outside the community towards addressing social determinants of health and ensuring everyone works together for improved health outcomes and breaking down silos.

LEARN about best practices and innovative approaches in community health within national and local health systems, as well as consortium building and technical capacity building with strategic focus for improved community health.

The conference will focus on:

Enabling stakeholders to share progress and identify solutions to persistent community health challenges

Strengthening the role of community health workers in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage

Informing global, national and local policies and plans through evidence, success, and adaptive learning

Making of the Logo

Community Circle

Advancing community health for children requires a holistic approach, with all members of the community taking part. Inspired by the traditional wooden figures of Kenyan artisans, but with a modern silhouette, the community is framed by a circle of bright colors.


The intricacy of Kenyan beadwork truly inspires: thousands of tiny beads expertly crafted into bold necklaces. The same care is being taken to form innovative solutions to the maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health issues facing Kenya today.

The Beadwork logo will be printed on the conference bags.

This logo was created by Gwendolyn Stinger, independent graphic designer, and CORE Group staff.