New Information Circuit

The New Information Circuit is a session featuring approximately 20 tables hosted by different organizations and projects, all of which are highlighting new or innovative initiatives. Each table presentation lasts 25 minutes, and participants rotate three times to different tables during the session. Table hosts will stay at their tables and repeat their presentation with each new round of people.

As the name suggests, we are looking for NEW tools, innovations, projects, and topics that reflect the conference theme, “Integrated Approaches: The SBC Key to Community Health.”

All submissions are due by Monday, March 20, 2017. 

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Everyone is welcome to submit their ideas, members and non-members alike. All ideas are reviewed by CORE Group staff as we work to create a New Info Circuit with a wide variety of topics that will collectively enhance the attendee’s Global Health Practitioner Conference experience. All circuit ideas should be as engaging and participatory as possible. Tables are NOT assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, rather as the sessions are reviewed we will consider the following:

  • How well the topic aligns with the conference theme and the overall advancement of community health
  • The uniqueness of the topic
  • How it relates to other tables in the circuit