Site Visits

Visit to “Maker Movement for MNCH” Space

15 – 20 Participants

To address the acute shortage of essential MNCH equipment in Kenya, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health-Kenya with funding from the Philips Foundation partnered with Concern Worldwide, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta National Hospital, KEBS  – Kenya Bureau of Standards and KIPI – Kenya Industrial property institute to implement the “Maker Movement for MNCH” (“Maker”). This concept originated from Concern’s Innovations for MNH program that was an eight-year initiative funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Maker is an innovative partnership comprised of “Makers” or innovators from the University of Nairobi and clinicians and biomedical engineers from Kenyatta National Hospital. The project harnesses the creativity of “Makers”: an increasingly interconnected global community of inventors, tinkerers and do-it-yourselfers, often using newly available tools, equipment and technologies like electronics, robotics, and desk-top manufacturing. The project is testing the viability of creating a network, the “Maker Hub”:  linking local makers, biomedical engineers and MNCH practitioners to design, prototype and test low-cost, high quality, locally produced essential equipment and spare parts. The aims is to leverage this community’s strengths — ingenuity, problem-solving, and democratized design and manufacturing to help overcome the obstacles of fully equipping points of care for quality MNCH service delivery.

The project, with virtual extensions to over 400 FABLABs globally, is situated on the University of Nairobi campus and was renovated and retrofitted with modern equipment to improve its prototyping capacity. Participants will visit the Maker site and have an opportunity to discuss and interact with the Makers, view first-hand what projects have been prototyped and are undergoing clinical testing, and have conversations on the process from conceptualization to production of locally made MNCH equipment.

A few examples of the prototyped MNC devices that will be on display include: anti-shock garment, phototherapy unit, examination lamp, delivery bed, delivery cushion, and a drip stand and suction machine.

More information regarding Site Visits coming soon!