Global Health Practitioner Conference:

Community Health Action for the Humanitarian-Development Nexus

June 4 – 7, 2018
Hyatt Regency Bethesda, 1 Bethesda Metro Center, Bethesda, MD, USA

CORE Group’s Global Health Practitioner Conferences enable community health advocates (NGOs, academics, donors, private sector, etc.) to collaborate, discuss ideas, and form partnerships for improving programs that save lives around the world.


Early registration is now open for all through February 28th! Register now.

“I spend a lot of my time at conferences, and I have spent a lot of time at bad conferences. But [the CORE Group Conference] was really honestly one of the most productive conferences that I’ve been to in a long time. Just a really good energy and I feel like the spirit of trust and collaboration among folks that are, from our perspective as donors, often competing with each other…I’ve really never been more confident about the programs that we fund than I am right now, just knowing that these are the folks that are working on them, and that they’re coming together behind the scenes to collaborate and share best practices.” – Will Moore, Eleanor Crook Foundation