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Humanitarian and development programming and policy can no longer be separate.

According to the United Nations, the protracted nature of humanitarian action is the new normal. Crises around the world have forced 65 million people from their homes, with displacement lasting 17 years on average. Populations in a perpetual state of emergency are signifanctly more prone to infectious disease and other serious but preventable health complications.

With millions of mothers, children, and babies at risk, we need to take action.

CORE Group is pioneering the new way of working.

Real and lasting change will only endure when we all work together, coordinating and collaborating to scale effective solutions that bridge the humanitarian-development divide in health.

CORE Group is the unifying body to make that happen.

The June 2018 Global Health Practitioner Conference will be the first global gathering of humanitarian and development actors to prioritize evidence and lessons learned as we work toward collective community health outcomes.

Lead the change.

As a Global Health Practitioner Conference sponsor, you demonstrate your commitment to moving the humanitarian-development agenda forward.

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CORE Group Polio Project

The CORE Group Polio Project (CGPP) is a multi-country, multi-partner initiative providing financial support and on-the-ground technical guidance and support to strengthen host country efforts to eradicate polio.


Eleanor Crook Foundation

A growing U.S. philanthropy committed to research, capacity building, and advocacy to end global malnutrition.

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